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Filing a Value Adjustment Board Petition

What is the Value Adjustment Board?

The Value Adjustment Board is composed of two members of the County Commission, one member of the School Board, and two taxpayers. It exists to determine whether or not your property is appraised in excess of its “just valuation” as of January 1 of the current year. At this informal conference, you present the facts you consider to support your claim for a change in the assessment, and the Property Appraiser’s office presents the facts we consider to support the correctness of the assessment.

The Property Appraiser's office urges you to come in to our main office and discuss your assessment before filing a Petition.

A taxpayer may file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board for the following reasons:

  1. The taxpayer objects to the Property Appraiser’s value assessment of the taxpayer’s real or personal property.
  2. The taxpayer’s application for any of the following exemptions or special use classifications is denied:
    1. homestead exemption
    2. any other tax exemption as provided by Chapter 196, Florida Statutes or
    3. any special use classification as provided by Chapter 193, Florida Statutes.

If you choose to file a petition, you will do so at the Clerk of the Court’s website. 

We welcome you to contact our office at 772.462.1000 to speak with a professional